Open sample bot-config.xml with your favorite text or xml editor.


Open sample config.xml with your favorite text or xml editor. Enter information about what you want the bot to do.

At the moment the following features are supported:

  • Periodic raiding,attacking and reinforcing with a given frequency.
  • Periodic resource transfer.
  • Trading with given profit.
  • Resource and building upgrade to given level.


Execute start-bot.bat on windows or on linux. The bot will open Firefox window and will start making tasks you specified in config.xml file.

trouble shooting and statistics

Every action the bot have done is written in file located in log/log.txt

  • Messages started with INFO indicated successful actions
  • Messages started with WARN indicated failed action. Probably you don't have enough troops or village you are going to attack is banned or do not exist.
  • Messages started with ERROR indicated failures.

If you believe you found a bug please report at bug tracker